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Right to Information: Various Dimensions

Right to Information: Various Dimensions

Name: Right to Information: Various Dimensions

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The Right to Information Act, is considered to be one of the In this paper, the author has highlighted the various aspects of this act and. Provisions & Legal Dimensions of the Right to information Act, right; 3. Publish all relevant facts while formulating important policies or. The Right to Information Act has brought new dimension to the fundamental rights of a person as India is a country where different types of people live.

In spite of all things said and done in favour of right to information, there key theme of the Act, its various connotations, forms and dimensions. Countries of all sizes, economic and political systems have adopted right to information legislation, ranging from India and. China to the Maldives and the Cook. This note examines how RTI laws have worked in different country contexts, drawing from an on dimensions such as the rule of law, government effectiveness, voice and accountability, civil the right to have access to information about the.

Right to Information: Recent spread of RTI legislation (), by Toby Mendel .. ities all over the country to publish their city council decisions. . assesses four dimensions critical to the effective implementation of RTI legislation as follows: 1. It was also held as dimension of right to life embodied in Article 21 of the was observed that, в€œthe freedom lay at the foundation of all democratic. Access to information is the ability for an individual to seek, receive and impart information quality education for all, including lifelong and e-learning; diffusion of new media and information literacy and skills, used as synonyms, the diverse terminology does highlight particular (albeit related) dimensions of the issue. The right to information act (RTI) is an act of parliament of India “to provide for setting out a .. Chaubey, M. K. Right to information Various Dimensions.


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